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Pedini is the industrial evolution of an artisanal enterprise which continues to be a protagonist in the history of kitchen design for 60 years. Its path began in 1957 in the hearts of the Marche region where Pedini where the company still has its plant, with a total area of 36,000 sq.m.

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The Pedini imprint is strictly “handmade in Italy”: the proof of the quality of Pedini’s products is found in numerous recognitions received from international institutes that acknowledge the technological evolution of the company’s manufacturing procedures and the careful selection of environmentally friendly materials and components.

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The immense study of materials, includes their durability, verification of resistance, countless combinations and the use of environment-friendly processes are the guidelines that lead Pedini, while formulating new ideas. Each project is born from the genius of intuition, to transform the concept into original expressions of contemporary way of living.


Hues and light effects are vital to define the aesthetics and design of a project, giving it a striking personality. Pedini provides an infinite range of materials, from lacquer to laminate, from thermo-structured to natural refined woods, as well as numerous worktop surfaces available among an countless range of refined colours.

Our dedication to provide customized solutions for the different areas of any structure, from the kitchen to the living and to the bathroom, is the basis of each Pedini project. The company is an principle partner not only for private customers but also for designers and architects who are looking for a real project collaborator.

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